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40 Days Challenge


“Pray before you decide.”

That is God’s message for me during our prayer meeting a while ago.  So now, I am up for a 40 days challenge.  40 days of prayer.  40 days of intimacy with God.  40 days of listening before acting.  40 days of purity and love.

Why 40 days?  Why not 30 or 20 or 10?

A lot of things happen in 40 days.  Noah’s ark floated in the big waters/flood for 40 days and 40 nights with the angels watching over it.  Our Lord Jesus Christ stayed in the desert for 40 days where he was tempted, but the angels came and helped him.  When I was a child, a couple in our church got back together after 40 days of prayer by the church youth, including their children….and many other testimonies about 40 days of prayer.  And yep, 40 days encourages discipline.

I want to spend the next 40 days (and of course, the rest of my life) in full dependence on God – listening to Him, seeking His will.  This will be done through daily Bible reading, prayer, sharing and living out God’s Word.  I know that this will help me to grow as a Christian and to be more like Christ.

May the next 40 days help me to grow deeper in love with You, my Savior, Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.  May this help me to know more about You and bear more fruit for You.  May this journey guide me in the steps that I will take and the big and small decisions that I will make.  In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

It’s interesting to find a 40-day devotional notebook which I wrote a looong time ago to supposedly give as a present for a friend’s mother.  This has helped me when I was still writing it.  I guess, I could use it again now.

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Heart Check

Why do you really want it?

Is it just because you’re feeling stressed and burned out at work?  Oh, if that’s so, I think you have to pray more.  Being a missionary isn’t a scapegoat for all your dramas. In fact, I think it might give you more. And unless it’s really your call to be one, you couldn’t be happier.

Is it because of your broken heart?  Oh, if that’s so, you have to give it all to God, my dear.  Your broken heart belongs to Him.  Jesus is the only name I know who could fix it.  Not any other things.  Not going away.  Not your selfish desires.

Oh, so now you’re telling me about soul-searching.  Uhuh.  You’re not sure if you’re really called to be a teacher forever.  Wait, are you searching for happiness?  fulfillment?  more joy?  new place to go? new environment?

Okay, I remember.  You wrote this in your 100 Dreams.  You talked about this in college.  You found joy in the mountain you once climbed to teach those Dumagat kids.  You even told them you would go back (In time, my dear. In God’s time).  Yes, I know.  You like adventures.  You love interacting with people from different places.  You’re flexible.  You could sleep anywhere.  You don’t choose your food (well, ahmmm…okay. slash the ripe banana.)  You’re a great listener.  Your friends say you’re an encourager.

What does those things got to do with your call?



Is it because of your calling?  Hmmm…? Okay, well then.  Pray harder.  You have to be sure, dearest.  Pray harder.  And make your feet move fast.  God will prepare the way for you….if it is really your call.



Oh, Lord, I pray for a genuine desire to help and to serve Your people through whatever way I can.  Please keep my heart pure and remove all my selfish desires.  I want to please You.  I want to love You more…and make people feel Your love, too.  You know what’s in my heart and mind even before I say it.  Please give me more wisdom to decide.  And please add up some strength and courage, too.

I know I’ll be missing a lot of people as I gain more experience through this kind of service.  Ahuhu.

Search my heart, Lord.

May Your will be done.  Amen.


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Dahil may mga nagtatanong.

  • Bakit ako nag-deactivate ng facebook?
  1.  Maingay
  2.  Too much info
  3.  Time consuming / wala akong disiplina
  4.  Nakakahiya sa mga nakabinbing trabaho


  • Bakit may isa pa akong account?
  1.  Para ma-access ko ang fb page ko at hindi ito mabura. (Blog pa more. HAHAHA)
  2.  Ministry po.  Dati kasi dito ang group chat ng young adult publication.
  3.  Ministry po ulit.  Ma-update sa mga ganap sa young adult ministry.


Note: Temporary deactivation lang po.  Babalik din ako.  Hindi ko lang alam kung kailan.

Note note:  Opo, hindi na po ako nag-aadd sa new account.  Wala rin naman po kayong makikita at baka malito lang po kayo pagbalik nung isa ko pang account. XD

Note note note:  Ma-ccontact po ako sa phone numbers ko.

Bow.  🙂

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Guard Your Heart|02

Move On.

How long will you grieve for the things that God has rejected?


God takes away things for a purpose. He has better plans.  You may not see it now, but you have to trust His heart. He knows what He is doing. He knows what’s best for you.

Stop looking back to what God has taken away.  Stop polluting your wellspring of life – your heart.  Stop so you can be healed.  Stop those emo music. Sing a new song to the Lord!

Move forward, dearest. Go where God is leading you to go.

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Ikaw Muna

Opo, Panginoon.  Ikaw muna.


Pagdilat pa lang ng mata

Mukha Mo ang gugustuhing makita

Tutuklasin ang hiwaga

Ng Iyong mga salita


Ikaw ang unang pasasalamatan

Sa pag-ibig na walang hanggan

Ikaw ang unang tatawagan

‘Pag naliligaw ng daan


Yakap Mo ang hinahanap

Sa lahat ng mga hirap

Ang tagumpay at pagsisikap

Sa’yo ko unang ihaharap


Ang “ako” at “siya” at “kami”

Akin munang isasantabi

Hanggang ang Iyong pagkamabuti

Ang tanging mabigkas ng labi


Opo, Panginoon.  Ikaw muna.


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To Someone Who Wants to Live in Isolation

My child,

Isolation does not heal, love does.


I am here.

It may be frightening, but do not fear.

I am with you always.

I’m holding your hand.


I know…

you’re hurt.

But don’t let your frustration and pain drag you down.

There’s more to life than just how you feel.


I know…

It’s hard for you to give your trust to people because of those who caused you pain.

But don’t live in isolation.

Don’t push away people who truly cares.

I sent them for you.


My child,

it’s okay to cry.

Let those tears wipe away those hurt.

Cry until it hurts…

Cry until it hurts no more.


I am here.

You can trust me.

Tell me everything.

Yes, everything…to the tiniest detail.

And I will listen.

I will comfort and not judge, I promise.


Rise up, my child.

I am here.

I’m holding you now.

I love you.


Let my love build you up again.

Let my love put those pieces back together.

Let my love make you whole.


I never wanted to see you like that.

I’m hurt when you are…

So let me comfort you.

Let me love you.


Please do not live in isolation.

I am here.

I offer my forgiveness.

You are forgiven.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive those who have caused you pain.


Bring your smile back.

We’ll walk together.

You’re never alone.

I sent my angels, too.


Keep walking.

Move forward.

Rest if you may.

But do not stop…

Do not stop.

Do not stop.


Keep going.

Keep your heart beating…

for me

for yourself

for others.


Keep doing the things that you love.

And you’ll be fine again.


Oh, everything’s gonna be okay.

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Ako Muna

Sa mundong puno ng kaguluhan
Sa iyong mga kaabalahan
Sa panahon ng ‘yong kapaguran
Anak, ako muna.

Ako muna ang hanapin mo
Sa tuktok ng kasiyahang nadarama mo
O sa mga lungkot na pilit itinatago
ng mga ngiting may kurot sa puso

AkoMunaDarating din siya
Sa tamang panahon
Pero ‘wag mong kalimutang
ako ang kahapon, bukas at ngayon

Bago ang “siya” o “kayo”
Piliin mo muna ang “tayo”
Ako muna ang isipin
Ako muna ang mahalin

Kumapit ka sa akin
Ika’y aking aakayin
Sa dulo ng bangin
Di ka hahayaang tangayin

Sa’kin ka umiyak
Ikwento mo sa akin ang lahat
Ng sakit, ng hirap, ng pagkatalo,
Ng lungkot, ng pagkabigo

Ang mga kailanga’y ibibigay
Sasamahan ka sa’yong paglalakbay
Sa ngiti, sa saya, sa halakhak, sa tagumpay
sa tawa, sa pag-asa, sa pagbangon sa buhay

Nandito lang ako
Hawak ko ang kamay mo
Hayaan mo muna ang mga sana
Sa ngayon, ako muna

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Daily Conversations

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” – Psalm 119:105

I last read and held my Bible in the Kids’ Camp location, upon waking up, before rushing to go home to prepare for work.  It had been part of my usual day to have a conversation with God through Bible reading and prayer, and losing my Bible feels like losing a very important part of me.  I felt bad for leaving in unintentionally.

Blessed am I that the internet connection didn’t fail to give me Bible readings and devotional materials every day.  This helped me to go through my day.  God’s Word guided me on the right path.

But time came when I became so occupied with a lot of obligations from school and other responsibilities in church that I didn’t had time to reflect on God’s Word on my own.  That or I was just so timid to do so.  It also came to the point when I skipped my daily devotions to rush for work.  I didn’t talk to God anymore like I used to do, and this led me farther from him.

I guess, people around me have felt it.  I was more patient and kind when I constantly relied on God’s grace than on my own.  Though I know that God still guided me through his wonderfully sent angels and His Words written in my heart, I could have made better decisions and could have done more for HIM if I have reflected on His Words.

God’s message for me today is to DAILY read and reflect on His Word for it will guide me on the right path and will not cause me to stumble.

My dear Lord, I’m sorry for pondering less on Your Word for the past few days.  May our daily conversations be restored that You may continue to light my way through Your Word of Life.  Amen





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Pangarap na Coffee Shop

Noong nakaraang linggo

Nabuo ang pangarap sa coffee shop na itatayo;

Classical music sa background

O ung soft music lang ang sound.


Gusto ko may comfort room

Para makapag-back-to-work soon;

Gusto ko ng unan o comfy place o mesa

Para sa pagtulog o pagbabasa.


Ayoko ng maingay

Kaya dapat may pribadong lugar na maibibigay

Sa mga magkukuwentuhan

O magkakasamang mag-aaral-aralan.


Pwedeng mag-charge ng laptop at cellphone

At iba pang gadgets na aking katulong;

May wifi para madaling i-send ang mga ipapasa

At isa sanang malawak na mesa.


Mahalaga rin syempre na malapit sa’ming tahanan

Para madali ko itong mapuntahan;

Malapit din sa paaralan

Para mga estudyante’y matulungan.

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As a leader…

As a leader, dapat alam mo ang function mo, nakikipag-coordinate ka sa kapwa officers/teamates mo at may concern ka sa mga members ng org n’yo.  Kaya ka nga naging leader, eh…para mag-lead.  Saan? I-lead sila para lalo pang makilala at mapaglingkuran si Christ.

As a leader, hindi ka dapat maging balat sibuyas…kapag hindi nag-rrespond ang kapwa officers sa group message at private message noong isang buwan pa, ‘pag nahihirapan ka na, at ‘pag nasasabihang malfunctioning ang org n’yo.

(Huhu. Ang sakit po! 😥 )

Okay, sige na nga, pwede nang umiyak pero ‘wag mong ipakita sa kanila. Umiyak ka pero harapin mo pa rin ang mga problema ng buong tapang at may ngiti sa labi. Pakinggan mo sila. Alamin kung saan sila nanggagaling. Baka naman may mapulot ka sa mga sinasabi nila. Then, seek for solutions.

As a leader, dapat mong kausapin ang mga tamang tao. Unahin mong i-seek si Lord. Na-consult mo na ba Siya tungkol dyan? Kausapin mo Siya, at i-rreveal Niya sa’yo ang mga dapat mong gawin. Ituturo rin Niya ang mga taong dapat mong kausapin.

Kausapin muna ang mga taong involved. ‘Wag agad ilalabas sa members ng org ang problema ng officers. Hindi ‘yon makatutulong sa kanila.  Mang-encourage at ‘wag mang-discourage. Ang dami ng negatives, ‘wag ka nang sumali.

As a leader, gawin mong model si Christ: mapagmahal, mapagpatawad, handang isakripisyo ang sarili para sa lahat.  Hindi rin ikaw ang bida, si Christ dapat.  Dun ka sa likod Niya. 😉

Do your best, and do it whole-heartedly. Remember, sa Diyos ka naglilingkod at hindi sa tao. Siya lang ang makapgsasabi if you’ve done your job well, oh faithful servant.

In Jesus’ Steps.