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Grateful Heart|01

Thank you, Lord…

  1. My brother was promoted as head coach of the chess team for the upcoming CLARAA meet.  Pa said, that’s the price he got from being honest and standing up for what’s right in spite of the pressure from his colleagues.  Bless him, Lord, in his endeavors to get his trainees to Palarong Pambansa.  Most of all, may Your name be glorified in all His achievements.
  2. Our neighbor who has been living in the U.S. for a very long time now agreed to sell his house and lot to us.  Yeys!  Truly, You are faithful, Lord!  You have better plans for us.  You don’t want the smaller house which was bought by someone just a week before Ma called, but you want to give us the bigger one we’ve all been praying for.  May it be used according to Your will and all for your glory.  Hooray for Crismo Library and Learning Center!
  3. I’m on my way to saving for the future.  I’ve opened a savings account on a trusted bank and also planning to open an account for stocks or mutual fund.  Pa will then teach me how to manage it.  Hoping for the best!
  4. I got another chance to pick another gown of my type for Ate Esang and Kuya Wards’ Wedding.  Hahaha.  Funny that this was my prayer request during our Young Adult prayer time in church this afternoon.  The gown I first chose wasn’t really the type I want to wear on their wedding.  It wasn’t well thought of due to lack of time; but before I could say anything, they called just an hour ago for me prepare the design that I really want.  Yey!  I pray for a good design and a decisive mind.  Amen!

Oh, my dear Lord.  Thank you for the ministries you have entrusted me and the opportunities to serve you as a young adult, writer, and teacher.  Please, oh, please…help me to do my responsibilities well.  How I want to serve You better.  May You equip me with wisdom, knowledge, and skills to do it.  Help me to keep my eyes and heart focused on You alone.  May Your name be praised.  In Your mighty name, Jesus, Amen! Amen!

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40 Days Challenge


“Pray before you decide.”

That is God’s message for me during our prayer meeting a while ago.  So now, I am up for a 40 days challenge.  40 days of prayer.  40 days of intimacy with God.  40 days of listening before acting.  40 days of purity and love.

Why 40 days?  Why not 30 or 20 or 10?

A lot of things happen in 40 days.  Noah’s ark floated in the big waters/flood for 40 days and 40 nights with the angels watching over it.  Our Lord Jesus Christ stayed in the desert for 40 days where he was tempted, but the angels came and helped him.  When I was a child, a couple in our church got back together after 40 days of prayer by the church youth, including their children….and many other testimonies about 40 days of prayer.  And yep, 40 days encourages discipline.

I want to spend the next 40 days (and of course, the rest of my life) in full dependence on God – listening to Him, seeking His will.  This will be done through daily Bible reading, prayer, sharing and living out God’s Word.  I know that this will help me to grow as a Christian and to be more like Christ.

May the next 40 days help me to grow deeper in love with You, my Savior, Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.  May this help me to know more about You and bear more fruit for You.  May this journey guide me in the steps that I will take and the big and small decisions that I will make.  In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

It’s interesting to find a 40-day devotional notebook which I wrote a looong time ago to supposedly give as a present for a friend’s mother.  This has helped me when I was still writing it.  I guess, I could use it again now.

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Ikaw Muna

Opo, Panginoon.  Ikaw muna.


Pagdilat pa lang ng mata

Mukha Mo ang gugustuhing makita

Tutuklasin ang hiwaga

Ng Iyong mga salita


Ikaw ang unang pasasalamatan

Sa pag-ibig na walang hanggan

Ikaw ang unang tatawagan

‘Pag naliligaw ng daan


Yakap Mo ang hinahanap

Sa lahat ng mga hirap

Ang tagumpay at pagsisikap

Sa’yo ko unang ihaharap


Ang “ako” at “siya” at “kami”

Akin munang isasantabi

Hanggang ang Iyong pagkamabuti

Ang tanging mabigkas ng labi


Opo, Panginoon.  Ikaw muna.


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pure heart“Create in me a pure heart, God…” – Psalms 51.10

I’m writing this in the midst of thoughts that I do not like and I don’t think would please God.  What should I do?  Well, the best antidote is prayer.

Dear Lord,

I’m really struggling.  There are things that are really hard to take off my mind.  Please keep my heart and mind pure.  I want to please You in every thought I have…for thoughts turn into words…and words turn into actions.

You are the truth in this world full of deceptions and lies.  Please help me to stay focused on the cross.  You have already died for my sins and I shouldn’t nail you again and again and again by sinning in my mind or heart.  Please help me to stay pure.

Thank You, Lord, for Your never-ending love and grace.  I cannot do this alone, but I know we’ll be fighting together.  (Ang sweet Mo po talaga, Lord!  <3)

I love You, Lord!  Create in me a pure heart.  Amen!