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pure heart“Create in me a pure heart, God…” – Psalms 51.10

I’m writing this in the midst of thoughts that I do not like and I don’t think would please God.  What should I do?  Well, the best antidote is prayer.

Dear Lord,

I’m really struggling.  There are things that are really hard to take off my mind.  Please keep my heart and mind pure.  I want to please You in every thought I have…for thoughts turn into words…and words turn into actions.

You are the truth in this world full of deceptions and lies.  Please help me to stay focused on the cross.  You have already died for my sins and I shouldn’t nail you again and again and again by sinning in my mind or heart.  Please help me to stay pure.

Thank You, Lord, for Your never-ending love and grace.  I cannot do this alone, but I know we’ll be fighting together.  (Ang sweet Mo po talaga, Lord!  <3)

I love You, Lord!  Create in me a pure heart.  Amen!



- teacher, dreamer, writer, sinner saved by grace, an ordinary person with an extraordinary God

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